Francis and Eileen Schmitt's Descendants


 Shown below are ten of the twelve children of Francis Francis -- father of the brood below(shown in picture) and Eileen Schmitt. Unfortunately Eileen could not be in the picture as this was taken at her funeral in 1991. We miss her and Francis (who died in 2006) a lot -- but they loved to see us keep in touch.


1991 at Eileen's Funeral

2006 at Francis's Funeral (we got sharper with age!)

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Thomas M. Schmitt married Beverly B. and lives in Dearborn Heights, Michigan

(sorry, we suppress last names to discourage identify theft)


Bev in 1997
Children: Susie Susie's High School Graduation Picture Irvine, California Peter  
Peter's high school graduation picture 
Blue Bell, PA 


Dick in 1996

Richard J. Schmitt married Jane C.  and lives in Houston, TXThe greatest state of them all


(By Dick's First Wife: Pietrina (1945-2001)

Joseph married Veronica Joe and Veronica at their wedding in 1997 Chicago, IL

  • Maria married Mike Onufrow
    Maria in 1996 
    Houston, TX 
    With their two children
  • John John in 1997  married Francimar Campana and now lives in Santa Clara, CA, with their (soon to be) two children
  • Paul Paul Fredric in 1997  

    Palo Alto, CA 


    Mary in 1997

    Mary Schmitt married Jim Edward Masal and lives in Carrollton, TX

    Jim in 1996


    Dr. Paul in 1996

    Paul Michael Schmitt Married Cindy W. and lives in Rosyln, WA

    The Queen of Purple in 1996

    Children: Gideon (died 2004) Gideon in 1997

    Morgan Morgan in 1997 Evan 
    Evan in 1997



    Mark Joseph Schmitt (died 1998) 


    • lucy in 1997

    Lucy Schmitt married Mort Smythe and lives in Perry, MI



    • Children: Anna

    • who has one child

      • Anna's senior year picture



    Emma in 1997  



    • Anne around 1976

    Anne Schmitt Lendrum (died 1977) married Chuck Lendrum

    Chuck around 1976



    • Michael in 1983

    Michael Christopher Schmitt married Debra (Debbie) B. and lives in Manton, MI  

    Debbie in 1995
      Child: Michael (Chrissie) Chris in 1996    


      • Greg in 1997

    Gregory Philip Schmitt married Amy M. and lives in Belleville, MI  

    Amy in 1997

    • Children:

    Ellie Elly in 1997

    Marti Marti in 1997  



    Martha in 1997

    Martha Jean Schmitt Christensen married Jon Louis Christensen and lives in St. Cloud, Minnesota Land of 10,000 lakes

    Jon in 1996
      Children: Jack Jack in 1997 Karl 
    Karl in 1997


    Alice in 1989

    Alice Marie Schmitt married Ron Bimrose and lives in Tempe, Arizona

    Ron in 1989
      Children: Jacob Jacob at 3 weeks
    Miles at 5s weeks



    Phil in 1997

    Philip Thomas Schmitt married Cheryl R.  and lives in Commerce, Michigan

    Cheryl in 1997
      Children: Stephen Steven in 1996 Elizabeth Eileen 
    Elizabeth Eileen in 1997

    Here's how we were in 1965 - The baby is Philip who bears a remarkable resemblance to his son Steven.

    Francis and Eileen Schmitt's Descendants


    last revised: December 6, 2006
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