The long view from the Parterre Garden
Visited 4 March, 2000

A day at Fontainebleau

We celebrated Dick's 55th birthday by venturing about 35 miles southeast on the suburban train to the French Kings' old hunting lodge and first French home to the Mona Lisa. After Francois I returned from the Italian invasions obsessed with the Italian Renaissance, he began a set of additions and modifications which would make an American suburbanite proud. Eventually this became the seat of the French king every fall during hunting season. (We in business call this an "off site.")

While much of this place dates from the 16th century, it was pretty much a work-in-progress through Napoleon II in the 19th century. We photographed much of the outside until our batteries gave out. About half of the inside museums were open and we'll return some day to take photos of the rest. We ran out of batteries after about 45 pictures and so only have exterior shots for now. Someday we'll revisit the inside.

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