Schmitt Photo Albumlast meaningful update on October 27, 1997 with Anne and Chuck photo -- unknown date

Also check Greg's "Snappy" pictures and Dad's new Digital Camera photos

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Susie's Graduation -- May 1997


Ev's Birthday -- May, 1997 (19K)

 Pietrina and Maria on Paseo Del Rey -- May 1997

Garden of Earthly Delights (47K)

Pietrina, Susan, and Dick -- May 1997

Sunbelters welcome another convert (16K)

Susan and her proud parents

Smile-- your tuition bills just got halved! (21K)


Father's Day 1997 at Greg's


Mary -- (26KB)

Greg (26 KB)

Michael -- actual size

(of the picture; he's much bigger)

The Girls

Bev and Peter (sorry, no preview)

Tom (32K)

Jim (16K)


Pictures from Winter 1997 Newsletter


The Brothers Grin - 43K

Dick at Washington Marathon

Fat Cat runs(?) the marathon - 47K

Joe at Christmas with Apron

Joe - 33K

Joe and Liz

Joe and Liz - 33K

Paul with our good friends, the Casseys - 33K

Maria, Amy, Martha

The girls - 75K

Traditional family shot

Traditional family shot - 26K

Maria and Liz

The oldest and youngest granddaughters - 19K

Maria and Suzy

The big easy - 31K

Martha's Christmas Picture


Christmas 1996

- 30K

Paul, Maria, Jim, Mary

A Dallas Visit - 52K


Stephen & Liz

Christmas 1996 -- 55K




Dick & Pietrina Xmas 1996 (45K)

JoeJoe & Liz (33K)

Joe, Francis, Maria

Joe, Maria, & Grandpa (33K)

Maria, Jack, and Marti

Maria, Jack, Marti (18K)

Anne and Chuck, date unknown

Anne and Chuck, date unknown


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