Zugspitze -- A sorry looking glacier! The "Zug" in the name "Zugspitze" has its root in the German word for avalanches which are common on the north slope. After WWII, the American military assumed command of this peak because of its strategic lodge which they redeployed for the troops at the price of $1 per day. We found prices a bit higher, even with the dollars slight climb against the Euro since our last European adventure.(If you want to see some serious glaciers, try our pictures of the Columbia Ice Fields in the Canadian Rockies at http://picasaweb.google.com/schmitt.dick/ColumbiaIcefield#slideshow/5381369503446051074 or those above Whistler, British Columbia at http://picasaweb.google.com/schmitt.dick/WingOverWhistlerBCCanadaSupplementalSlides#slideshow/5381751442966203826 . Some think that North American beer is not as good as that of the Bavarians, but our glaciers are better -- so far. But Canada has good beer and glaciers. What a country!)

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