Historical Archives for

 Francis M. Schmitt, DDS 

Francis in 1953 Francis in 2005

Francis in 1953 (age 41)

and in 2005 (age 92)


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A (mostly) Autobiographical History
 Martin and Emma

Biography of Francis's Parents

Francis around 1936
Early Years through High School
Cork Street Farm
Life on the Farm during the Depression Years
The WWII Years: Marriage and Service

5910 Lathers
The Lathers Years
Brown Street
Brown Street
Dental Career
Citizen of the Year
Community Service (in progress)
Francis at 56
Heart and Health (in progress)
Descendents and Family Tree
1961  Photo Archives including Annual Christmas Cards
Anne Wedding
Group photos of his family
Memorials for deceased family members (family only)

last revised: December 23, 2012
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